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Smarter insights into your customers with our AI solution for brokers

We’re the original provider of premium finance. With over 45 years’ experience in the UK and Ireland, we’re known for our award-winning service and expertise. We help you lock in must-have insurance for your customers and support you to grow your premium finance potential.


We offer a broad range of products, including AI-driven tools for you, our broker partners. Foresight is our market-leading predictive insights offer, available for personal lines brokers with personal car and van insurance customers. No other premium finance provider offers a tool like this. 



At the point of quote, you’ll have predictions that help you get to know your customers and give them a more targeted offering.


  • Reduce the cost of cancellations with AI-driven predictive insights about consumer behaviour. 
  • Anticipate the likelihood of customer behaviour such as cancelling their policy during the first 12 months. 
  • Target your premium finance conversations with insight into which customers are likely to pay by instalments. 
  • See into the future with predictive insight into competitive market prices.
  • Support growth plans with insights that help you expand into segments you don’t currently work with.
  • Seamless integration with your in-house broker systems.

Lightyears ahead of the competition

Foresight is a unique product for brokers working with Close Brothers Premium Finance. 


Built by our award-winning Data Science team, this product uses innovative Machine Learning to unlock information about consumer behaviour. And with advanced techniques and quarterly model refreshes, you can be sure that you’re seeing highly accurate predictions.


Foresight can predict the likely behaviour of your customers, whether that’s cancelling their policy, buying add-on products, or paying by instalments, or even build custom market segmentation for you.


The end result? Our exclusive AI solution helps you get ahead of the competition and thrive for the future. 

We help you best meet your customers’ needs

Close Brothers Premium Finance offers you the products, services and tools to help your brokerage succeed – whatever the economic climate. We’ll work in partnership with you and treat your customers like our own.


You demand the best products and the widest range. We deliver that with people you can get to know, trust and rely upon.


We work with you to innovate and improve, offering insights and guidance whenever it's needed.


People are at the heart of everything we do. Together with you, our broker partners, we find the best solutions for you and your customers.

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