Employee Spotlight - Meet Rebecca Harman

Oct 19, 2023 News Read time 2m
Rebecca Harman


Allow us to introduce Rebecca Harman, our Head of Finance Change at Close Brothers Premium Finance. Rebecca has recently won our DE&I Hero of the quarter award, demonstrating her expertise and leadership skills through our diversity and inclusion activities across the business.

As a leader in finance change, Rebecca embraces the diverse nature of her responsibilities, finding fulfilment in the variety it brings. During summer, Rebecca faced a new challenge as she navigated working alongside the school holiday period. This experience not only highlighted her capabilities as a career professional but also showcased her commitment to supporting the value of working parents.

Taking a proactive approach towards the future, Rebecca is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead which includes evaluating our automation processes and innovating the ways we collaborate with stakeholders through technology.

Rebecca's aspirations for the future at Close Brothers Premium Finance are high. She envisions herself making a lasting impact on the finance industry and contributing to the company's growth, success, and positive culture.

“I have worked at Close Brothers Premium finance for 8 years, I have seen a significant positive shift in culture, and I think it will get better and better as time goes on.”

We are incredibly proud to have Rebecca Harman as part of our team. Her commitment to excellence, teamwork, and integrity along with her supportive approach to fostering a positive work-life balance make her an invaluable asset to our business.

At Close Brothers Premium Finance, we understand the value of our team members and the importance of fostering their skills in a nurturing and uplifting work environment. Are you interested in joining the Close Brothers Premium Finance team? For more information visit www.closebrothers.com/careers