Employee Spotlight - Carlesha Whyte

Jun 13, 2023 News Read time 1m
Carlesha Whyte


Carlesha won our most recent DE&I of the quarter award


We’re excited to continue our Employee Spotlight series by featuring our DE&I Hero of the quarter, Carlesha Whyte. As the Business Operations Team Manager, Carlesha has a passion for helping her team achieve their targets while also supporting their personal growth. Her dedication and hard work have made a significant impact within our organization. Join us as we explore Carlesha's journey, her accomplishments, and the valuable contributions she has made to our team.


What has been your biggest achievement in the last month? 


One of the biggest achievements that I’m proud of in the last month has been identifying the strengths and areas for improvement within my team. My deputy and I have worked together effectively to produce a plan that works for our team and will help them all to become upskilled and progress within their career. 


What has been the biggest challenge you have overcome in the last month?


Over the past month we have seen a lot of process changes and updates. For example, the closing of the different internal mailboxes. This was one of the most challenging experiences as I had to ensure that this was cascaded down to the team in the correct way. We were able to overcome this obstacle by giving clear and concise guidance to the team and always making ourselves available to offer further support when needed.


What are you excited for in the upcoming months?


I’m excited about recruiting new starters, training them and being able to give our existing team members more responsibility. 


What are your aspirations for the future at Close Brother Premium Finance?


I aspire to continue to grow within my current role and to progress further within the company. I have a real passion for mentoring and training individuals as well as helping my team set and achieve their goals. My next steps would be to progress within the management ladder of the company. 


What do you enjoy most about working at Close Brothers Premium Finance?


I enjoy the culture that we have at Close Brothers Premium Finance. I think it’s important to have a safe working environment, where individuals feel comfortable being themselves. I also love that everyone is always on hand to offer help and support. We have amazing people always ready to provide their expertise. 

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