National Customer Service Week


This week is National Customer Service Week, an international celebration of the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.


What does customer service mean to us?

I see it as the support we offer our broker partners and their customers before and after they buy and use our products or services. We want to help make insurance more affordable for their customers.

Providing great customer service is essential to attract and retain customers. I think it’s best summed up as giving someone the kind of service you’d like to receive yourself. Or, as well summed up by a colleague only yesterday, as being a service that makes your family proud.

Within Close Brothers Premium Finance (CBPF), we organise many topical events. This week colleagues are given the opportunity to see what our brokers are doing to promote customer service. When we better understand our brokers and their objectives, we can improve the way we service them.

Peter Duffy, Interim CEO of Just Eat and Non-Executive Director for the Close Brothers Group joined us on Monday to talk about his views on the power of people. Ensuring businesses promote a culture of contribution and understanding of purpose and how we identify and nurture this within CBPF. We are also planning a recognition day where we will celebrate the heroes of customer service in our business.

Consumer behaviour has changed significantly in recent years and is set to change again with the arrival of virtual assistant technology that offers 24/7 aid. I am sure in a few years if consumers require goods and services, they’ll go through virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri.

At CBPF, our primary focus is looking after our 1,700 brokers who between them serve their 2.4 million customers. We use technology to make business faster and simpler; leveraging technology to provide excellent service. Expertise to evolve our skills and knowledge and building long-term relationships built on trust.

At the end of the day great customer service is about listening and always improving......the work is never finished, rather the mindset of always wanting to improve is embedded in the culture.