Regular payments - Ongoing peace of mind

Regular payments

Ongoing peace of mind

Spread the cost of your insurance with easy monthly payments.

Close Brothers Premium Finance have been helping people pay for their insurance premiums for over 35 years by spreading the cost over regular instalments.

Free up your money

We provide loans through your insurance broker so you don’t have to pay for your insurance premium in one go, making your money more manageable.

You already trust your Broker to arrange the right insurance to protect some of your most valued possessions. Now we can also offer peace of mind when you come to pay your premiums.

Easy, regular payments

Through our partner brokers, Close Brothers Premium Finance offers clients a range of flexible and economic funding plans. Premium finance is the easy way to settle the cost of your insurance – you can pay via monthly direct debit, normally over 10 months or a shorter period. And you select the day of the month on which we collect the instalment to suit your cash flow.

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Who we are

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